LG Cloud service announced, will open in beta form on May 1st

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It looks like tomorrow will bring the launch of another cloud based solution. This latest will be coming by way of LG. The service is dubbed the LG Cloud and will be opening in beta form on May 1st. Based on details coming from the folks at LG, the LG Cloud will launch “with the aim of providing seamless connectivity and streaming access to all digital content across various electronic devices.”

More specifically, the LG Cloud is launching with a focus on three screens which in this case means a Windows based computer, an Android smartphone and a smart television. In terms of storage space, LG appears to be giving 5GB for free, though they did mention that the “free storage space and pricing will differ market to market.” In addition, those who purchase and are using an LG smart TV or an LG smartphone will get 50GB for free for 6 months.

And similar to the storage amounts, there will be the option to pay for additional storage however LG has yet to detail the price and storage points. Bottom line here, LG is launching a cloud solution tomorrow. And while we have seen countless cloud solutions lately — it seems LG is aiming this as being more friendly to audio, video and image files with the ability to stream. The official description of the service breaks it down as follows;

“LG Cloud is the only storage service that users can enjoy video clips, music files or photo files wherever they are.

LG Cloud Service helps a user to enjoy video, music and photo in any environment through various devices such as PC, mobile phone or smart TV.”

Simply put, if you are using an LG smartphone or an LG smart TV — this may be a decent offering for you to check out.

Via [LG Cloud]

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