GadgeTell Review: Brookstone Pocket Project for iPhone 4/4S

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What is being reviewed?

Up for review today is the Brookstone Pocket Project for iPhone 4/4S. The pocket projector is selling for $229.99 and is currently available by way of the Brookstone website.

Disclaimer: The Pocket Project for iPhone 4/4S was provided to GadgeTell by Brookstone for the purpose of this review.

My thoughts

An iPhone projector is not something that I really thought that I would use, much less enjoy using. That is not to say I could not think of a half-a-dozen uses, it is just that I could not think of any uses that would fit in my life. But that being said, the folks at Brookstone recently had me take a look at a few products. I already reviewed the Big Blue Live Bluetooth speaker and well, the Brookstone Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 came along with. That being said, the projector sounded cool enough on paper. After all, the spec sheet touts goodies such as a super-bright 15-lumen projector lamp, a projected image of up to 50-inches with a resolution of 640 x 360, a built-in 2100 mAh battery that powers the projector and also doubles as an external battery for your iPhone. Oh, and the projector also has a focus adjuster and a built-in 0.5W speaker. But on that last one, the projector paired with the Big Blue Live makes for a rather nice combo.

Anyway, back to not thinking that I would get any real use out of the projector. That changed rather quickly. Just after the projector arrived (literally, just after) we went on a family camping trip. I took the projector with me, but not really intending to actually use it. More just so I could check it out while sitting in the car for the 1.5 hour drive. But then we arrived and so did the rain. Here we were, stuck in a tent with two kids. The projector came out and worked rather well. We propped up a white blanket (lucky for us, I know) and we fired up Netflix, picked a movie and sat out the rain. A perfect opportunity to test the projector out. And lets just say that it worked well. We were able to watch a complete movie with battery life left to spare at the end. The movie was being projected from a few feet away (we have a 10 x 8 foot tent) and it looked rather nice.

Included in the box is the projector itself and a USB cable for charging. There was also an information sheet with directions for use, but given the ease of use — that sheet remained in the box. The projector slides onto your iPhone 4/4S and uses the 30-pin dock connector. From there, slide the switch on the bottom to turn the projector on and the fire up the video (or app) of your choosing and get to watching. Finally, you can charge the projector by itself using the included USB cable and also charge your iPhone along with the charger using that same cable.

The bottom line

The projector is really nice. It is easy to use, feels durable enough that it should be able to withstand a slip from the hand (though I did not test that theory) and most important — has a decent amount of battery life. As for recommending the projector — I would. It works as advertised and for that I cannot fault it in any way. I do think the price is a bit on the high side, however that is coming from me. In other words, I think the price is high, but that can probably be due to a few reasons — the first being I am cheap and the second being that I could not tell you what a projector regularly costs. Based on that, I would say that if you think this price is fair — go for it. And lastly, while I am still not sure how much use this would get from me, this is one review item that I not only enjoyed using, but also wished I could have kept.

Product [Brookstone Pocket Project for iPhone 4/4S]

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