Motorola MOTOLUXE announced for Canada

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Motorola Mobility Canada today has announced the availability of the new MOTOLUXE Android smartphone. What makes this new smartphone special from the other Android phones you may have known before is the fact that it has a multi-colored LED notification light which allows you to keep track of incoming calls, texts or emails. It also has a 4-inch touchscreen display which suits best for your web surfing and movie watching needs. Motorola is also proud of the phone’s social graph feature which is said to provide you with east and fast access to people who matters to you. Social graph populates the phone’s homescreen after learning who’s the most important people to you on your social networking accounts. The more you communicate with people, the bigger their icons on the homescreen become. The MOTOLUXE also features a stylish design which is perfect for business professionals.  Other noteable features of the phone include GPS, Bluetooth and of course access to Google Play for. Watch out for this phone starting Q2.

Via [Canada Newswire]

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