RIM makes a $10,000 bet with developers

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RIM is so confident in its future and BlackBerry 10, it’s willing to guarantee developers will make at least $10,000 on their apps within one year. Not all developers qualify for this statement though. RIM says any developer that submits their app to BlackBerry App World and gets their app quality certified before BlackBerry 10 launches will have $10,000 coming to them.

Should the app make less than $10,000, RIM will personally pay developers the difference between what their appactually made, and the $10,000 guarantee. However, the app will need to make at least $1,000 before RIM will write any checks.

An incentive program like this is designed to attract new developers to the BlackBerry ecosystem as well as encourage existing developers to stick around. There are also some developers who may take part in this just to try to get a $10,000 pay day on RIM. Either way, BlackBerry App World will have quality applications.

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