Google announces automatic message translation in Gmail

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Google has graduated a few new Gmail Labs features recently. These latest will bring a few goodies to include automatic message translation, smart mute and title tweaks. Beginning first with the automatic message translation, this one comes just as the name would imply — it will translate messages from foreign languages into a language that you understand. In order to use this feature, simply click the “Translate message” link in the header at the top of the message. Of course, those who receive regular messages in certain languages — you can choose to click the “Always Translate” link so you can have that message always and automatically translated.

Otherwise, as for those other Gmail Labs features that graduated, those break down as follows;

  • Title Tweaks: With the graduation of Title Tweaks, we’ve changed the text in the browser tab so that you can more easily see if you have new messages. The tab now reads “Inbox (20) – – Gmail” instead of “Gmail – Inbox (20) –”
  • Smart Mute: We’ve made improvements to muting based on the graduation of the Smart Mute lab so you can be sure that noisy email threads stay out of your inbox.

These new goodies will be rolling-out to Gmail users over the next few days. Finally, while we are getting some new features, some older ones are being retired. The retired features include Old Snakey, Mail Goggles, Mouse Gestures, Hide Unread Counts, Move Icon Column, Inbox Preview, Custom Date Formatsand SMS in Chat gadget. And just to clarify the SMS in Chat mention, Google stated that “the SMS in Chat lab is not being retired, just the gadget associated with it.”

Via [Official Gmail Blog]

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