Subsidized Xbox 360 bundle for $99

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It is looking like Microsoft will introduce the mobile carrier subsidy model to video consoles next week. For $99 plus a $15/mo fee for two years, you get an Xbox bundle (with Kinnect) and Xbox Live Gold, along with a 2-year warranty. There will be an early termination fee for those who cancel before their 2 years are up. For those keeping track, the non-subsidized deal goes as following: the Xbox bundle is $300 and 2 years of Xbox live is $120 (at $5/mo) for a total of $420. The subsidized deal would cost $459 ($99 for the console and $360 for the Xbox Live subscription). You’ll be paying an additional $39 over a span of 2 years, but you do get an extended warranty that will cover you for 2 years. It is interesting to see Microsoft offering this type of subsidized deal, which has worked for years for mobile carriers, now the question is, will other console manufacturers adopt this model?

Via [The Verge]

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