Facebook is adding filtering effects for photos on mobile devices

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Not too long after Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock, the social network updated its Facebook for Every Phone application with a feature that allows users to apply two kinds of filters to their photos. Normal photos can be edited with sepia or black and white filters.

Facebook for Every Phone is an app non-smartphones can download that gives them some of the same conveniences smartphone users have with their regular Facebook app. Smartphone users can use a range of apps to edit their photos and share them to Facebook, but that process is more complicated on most feature phones.

As of right now, Facebook has not updated its smartphone apps to reflect these changes.

I know some people out there may want to roll their eyes when Facebook’s feature phone app comes up in conversation, but the app is quite popular. Its Facebook page has over 82 million likes.

Via [Facebook for Every Phone]

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