Samsung Galaxy S III now available for pre-order in the UK

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And just like that, boom! A day after the big announcement, carriers and major retailers in the UK as well as in Canada and the US started opening up sign-up or reservations pages for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Among these retailers is Clove UK which put the green light on the pre-order page for the Samsung Galaxy S3. With the first stock scheduled to arrive by May 30, Clove UK is now accepting pre-orders only for the 16GB model in either the blue or white colors. Price is at £429, (including VAT £514.80). This is free of any contract obligations from any of the UK carriers. Clove UK will also be selling accessories for said super-phone when they become available. And of course, once Samsung starts delivering other variants of the Samsung Galaxy S3, prices of these models will be announced, according to Clove UK. Again, our perennial question – for our friends in the UK, who’s getting the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Via [Clove UK]

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