Evernote for iOS updated to version 4.2.0, arrives with a long list of changes and improvements

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The folks over at Evernote have rolled-out the latest in terms of their iOS app. This latest version arrives as 4.2.0 and perhaps more important — it arrives with a nice sized list of changes and improvements. The iOS Evernote app is compatible with devices running iOS 3.0 or later, however this update arrives with iOS 5.0 in mind. In fact, most all of the changes are aimed at devices running iOS 5.0 or later. Simply put, Evernote will still run on devices with an older version of iOS — but these new features are only going to be spotted on a newer version of iOS.

Just to begin with, the iOS App Store changelog notes that this is as a “major note editor upgrade and redesign for iOS 5 on the iPhone.” On that front, this update brings goodies such as easy access to attachment features, an improved placement of text styling and formatting options, a redesigned note info screen and more powerful note editing capabilities. And that it just the beginning, also found in Evernote for iOS version 4.2.0 is “numerous” bug fixes along with the following;

Improved checkbox functionality for iOS 5 on iPhone

  • Added support for checkbox indentation
  • Create a checkbox list by adding a new line after the first box

Improved attachments

  • Added support for Photo Stream images
  • Redesigned audio recorder

Note Editor settings

  • Option to turn off note auto-titling
  • Option to turn off automatic Save to Camera Roll function

With that, Evernote for iOS can be found in the usual location — the iOS App Store.

Via [Evernote Blog] and [iOS App Store]

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