The Pebble e-paper watch is nearly sold out [PSA]

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Just a quick note for those who may have been watching the Pebble e-paper watch with plans to become a backer — the Pebble is nearly sold out on Kickstarter. In fact, it was yesterday when the company announced that the initial support would be limited to 85,000 Pebbles. Simply put, as of this most recent update they were sitting at 81,145 of the 85,000 avaialble. Bottom line, if you were planning to get a Pebble through Kickstarter — you may want to pledge your money sooner rather than later. Of course, if you miss out on the Kickstarter offering, the Pebble will also go up for regular retail pre-sales beginning on May 18th.

Via [Kickstarter]

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