More stupid crap that you must put up with to legally watch a DVD

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I will confess that I rarely watch DVD movies at this point. Mostly because I do not watch all that many movies. But also because I hate having to put a movie in and not being able to watch it immediately. Seriously, the warnings and the promos and those stupid start screens have effectively killed of the DVD in my house. It is to the point that when my daughter comes to me with a DVD, I suggest she may want to watch Netflix.

And with all that, it looks like DVD watching will soon be just a tad bit more annoying thanks to two new unskippable government warnings. Hint to those making legal DVD watchers suffer through these warnings — these things are the reason why I want to pirate DVD’s. Just being able to rip a DVD, strip out all of this crap and burn it back to a disk as a ‘movie only’ almost makes this dying media acceptable.

But the thing is, these warnings (and DVD’s) in general annoy the hell out of me. I suspect they annoy many others as well. And you know what — I am not a DVD pirate. Nor are the many others that simply want to watch a movie. On that note, I suspect the people that these warnings are really intended to reach are not even seeing them because they are pirates and they are already copying movies illegally.

Here is a solution, how about we take those warnings and offer them in another medium — say a regular television commercial. Of course, they will probably try to make them so I cannot fast forward through them using my DVR.

But realistically speaking, those who are pirating movies are already doing so. And perhaps more important — if they are pirating a movie — they are not watching the DVD to make sure it is ok before they begin. Simply put, that warning is already late and the only thing it is doing is annoying those who just want to watch.

End rant.

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