The Pebble e-paper watch is now sold out (of rewards) on Kickstarter

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Despite having a project that was set to run through May 18th and only looking for $100,000 — the Pebble e-paper watch for Android and iOS has reached reward capacity with 8 days remaining. A quick check of the Pebble Kickstarter page is now showing Sold Out tags for all but one pledge option. And that one is currently sitting at “1 of 40800 remaining.”

That being siad, those who missed out on the Kickstarter offer will still be able to place a retail order. According to details coming from the Pebble Twitter feed, the retail sales will begin on May 18th and the price will be $150. Sure, that is a bit more than those who pledged support using Kickstarter and you will have to wait for delivery (the retail orders will be shipped after the Kickstarter offers), but at least you will be able to get what looks like a really nice smartwatch.

The Kickstarter page is showing the Pebble as having 66,313 backers and $10,162,783. And lastly, just to clarify this, the Pebble Kickstarter project is still open. You see, you can still donate, there are just not any rewards left.

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