Expansys USA has the Samsung Galaxy S III available for pre-order for $694

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The Samsung Galaxy S III was announced around a week ago, but is not yet available in the United States and probably won’t be until at least June.  If you can’t wait that long, then you may want to pay close attention to the pre-order promotion Expansys is currently running.  For a limited time, until the stock runs out, the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III can be pre-ordered for $694.99.  The 32GB and 64GB models are also available, but those prices are not yet announced.

While the price may sound higher than usual, remember that it is the off-contract/full retail price.  The Galaxy S III that Expansys is selling is the HSPA+ model, so you will not be able to run it on Sprint or Verizon.  If you’re interested in the Galaxy S III, then you may want to drop the cash for it now.  Expansys will confirm you still want the smartphone right before it ships, so you can always back out then.

Via [DroidDog]

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