GV Mobile + for iPhone gets an update, will require some action for those using the Push Notifications

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Those using the GV Mobile + app on the iPhone — the app has recently been updated and it looks like this is one update that may require a little extra attention from you, the end used. To begin with, GV Mobile + has been updated to version 2.5.1. This update “fixed crash for those doing an upgrade from previous version” and also brought a more streamlined version number. And while those both sound good enough, this latest update changelog also mentions push. More specifically, those using GV Mobile + with the push notification setup — there is some action you will need to take prior to June 1st. According to the what’s new section in the iOS App Store;

“If you’ve setup Push Notifications through GVM+, you need to update your GV account to reflect a new email address. Please go into Settings>Push Notifications and toggle the switch (Off/On) to get the new email address. In most cases it will be the same prefix as before. The use of the old email ( will cease to work after June 1st 2012.”

Otherwise, it was noted that this change for the push notification setup will do two things — bring some stability and allow them to remain available for free.

Via [iOS App Store]

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