There’s a new carrier in town, and its name is Voyager Mobile

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The United States is going to get another mobile carrier in the form of Voyager Mobile. Voyager Mobile is set to launch Tuesday May 15 in select states throughout the country. Voyager Mobile is aiming to be an alternative to carriers who thrive on contracts and data plans by offering unlimited plans for as low as $19 a month without a contract.

Voyager Mobile will offer Android and Windows smartphones to run on its 3G and 4G network. It also uses something it calls Voyager Rewards to entice customers to use the service more. Voyager Rewards are points customers can earn by talking on the phone. Those points can also be redeemed for goodies such as gift cards and even phone upgrades.

Voyager Mobile’s website is very light on details, but Engadget managed to get some anyway. Apparently smartphone plans will cost $39 a month for unlimited data (on WiMAX), voice minutes and texts.

Site [Voyager Mobile]

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