Some Comcast customers are getting Skype on Xfinity this week

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Comcast is introducing Skype on Xfinity to a handful of cities this week. Skype on Xfinity will allow Comcast customers to conduct Skype video calls from their television to any other Skype-enabled device without interrupting what’s happening on the big screen. They’ll also be able to instant message Skype friends using a special Comcast remote keyboard.

Comcast isn’t offering this service for free. It’ll only be available for Xfinity Triple Play customers that also have a HDMI cable box. While using Skype is free, Comcast is charging $9.99 a month. This cost is likely associated with the kit Comcast will give you after signing up for Skype on Xfinity. The kit comes with a camera, the aforementioned keyboard controller and a Skype adapter.

Customers in Boston and Seattle were introduced to Skype on Xfinity today. By the end of the week, the service will be live in Atlanta, Agusta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Harrisburg, Miami and Pittsburg.

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