Google makes its search engine smarter with the Knowledge Graph

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Apparently, Google has not forgotten its major product which catapulted the company to where it is right now. We’re referring to Google’s search engine which just received a bit of attention by way of the Knowledge Graph. According to Google, the Knowledge Graph aims to help you discover new information – quickly and easily. The Knowledge Graph enables fast searching for things, people or places that Google knows about including landmarks, celebrities, cities, sports teams and more. The Knowledge Graph helps you get information relevant to your query instantly.

Essentially, the Knowledge Graph improves Google search by finding the right thing, getting the best summary and going deeper and broader than you’re original search query. The idea here is to give you back exactly what you want as well as help you answer your next question before you can even ask it. The Knowledge Graph is being rolled out gradually to US users. Google also promises to make this available on smartphones and tablets soon. If you’re not in the US, you may want to watch the video about the Knowledge Graph in the meantime.

Via [The Official Google Blog]

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