Best Buy is now selling the iPhone 4 for $49.99 across all three carriers

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If the $199 iPhone 4S is too expensive for your fancy, then you may want to consider purchasing the less expensive iPhone 4.  Typically, Apple and other retailers sell the iPhone 4 for $99 on a two year contract, but Best Buy has recently cut the price down to $49.99 on a two year contract.  There is no word on whether this is a limited promotion by Best Buy to generate some quick sales or if this is a permanent price cut.

In any event, those looking to purchase the iPhone 4 should definitely consider stopping by the local Best Buy store since $49 is the lowest price you will find for a new iPhone 4 model.  Lastly, the Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon iPhone 4’s are all being sold at $49.99.

Via [Best Buy] and [Forbes]

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