Comcast says goodbye to 250GB data caps in favor of structured plans

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Comcast placed a 250GB data cap on its residential customers a long time ago. For most people, 250GB was more than enough data to satisfy their needs. Today, Comcast announced it is moving away from its 250GB restriction, and will test out a couple more options that will place customers into different tiers.

One of Comcast’s ideas will determine how much data a customer gets based on the type of internet plan they currently have. The baseline will be 300GB per month, but those with faster and more expensive plans such as Blast and Extreme, will get more data each month. Anyone who goes over their monthly data allotment will have to purchase more data at the rate of $10 for 50GBs.

The other plan is more straightforward. Comcast would just increase everyone’s data allowance to 300GBs a month and charge $10 for an additional 50GB of data if a customer needs it.

Comcast is currently testing these new policies in certain areas. Comcast says if you’re not in a test areas, the current 250GB data restriction will be suspended until a new single policy can be put in place.

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