Amazon is reportedly thinking of placing ads on the Kindle Fire home screen

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Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon’s ad-supported Kindles have proven to be successful with customers. The ads don’t get in the way of the reading experience, they aren’t annoying to look at and the ads even provide deals that are pretty good. Amazon may be looking to use that strategy again with the Kindle Fire.

According to Ad Age, Amazon is speaking to ad agencies about the possibility of purchasing ad space on the Kindle Fire home screen for at least $600,000. The ads would stay in circulation for two months. Companies could also pay Amazon a cool $1 million to get its ads mentioned as part of Amazon’s PR campaign.

Amazon is also internally debating on whether it would serve ads to all Kindle Fire tablets, or only on devices that were purchased after a certain point. This uncertainty has caused at least two ad agencies to turn down the offer.

Amazon’s family of Kindle with Special Offers e-readers are cheaper than their non-ad supported counterparts, so it’s likely the Kindle Fire price would be subsidized as well.

Via [Ad Age]

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