No, hackers aren’t going to insult your Facebook friends

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You may have seen a status update from a friend in your newsfeed, warning you that hackers are hacking into people’s accounts and posting insults on the walls of the people on their friends list. The warning usually advises you to repost it and tell everyone you know.

Please don’t. Why? Because it’s just another Facebook hoax, just like the one claiming Facebook is going to start charging for membership and the graphic images of sick children that claim Facebook will donate 3 cents everytime they are shared. It’s all just lies. No one knows why people start them, but it’s easy to see why they get spread. People trust what their friends tell them.

Here’s the truth. There are no hackers breaking into Facebook accounts. Anytime you see spam posted on your wall by a friend or get a chat pop up urging you to visit a link, or even back when people were finding graphic and sexually explicit photos on their newsfeeds, it wasn’t hackers. What happened was someone was foolish enough to click on a spam link, and this like jacked them and/or installed a rogue app.  Hackers don’t need to hack into Facebook when there are plenty of users willing to do their dirty work for them.

Via [Hoax-Slayer]

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