GadgeTell Review: OtterBox iProtection case for the iPad

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What is being reviewed?

Up for review today is the iProtection case from OtterBox. This case is currently available and comes in a variety of colors. The iProtection case is priced at $89.95 and promises to bring “the most usable and protective solution possible” with goodies to include the use of robust silicone, a built-in screen protector and an engineered design that was inspired by the iPad. That being said, keep reading to see how well we think the OtterBox iProtection case measures up in real-world use.

Disclaimer: This iProtection case was provided to GadgeTell by OtterBox for the purpose of this review.

My thoughts

In the tech and gadget world we tend to associate certain products and certain companies with certain things. An example pertaining to this review, when I think of OtterBox I think of solid, rugged and durable protection for my devices. In this case, rugged protection for the iPad. The folks at OtterBox recently sent over an iProtection case for the iPad. Specifically, for the iPad 2 and the new iPad. And thankfully, this case is no exception to that rule of thought — it offers a solid looking design with lots of protection for the iPad.

The iProtection iPad case is actually a few pieces in one. You have the front protection in the form of a built-in screen protector with a polycarbonate shell, a polycarbonate rear piece with memory foam backing the iPad and a silicone bumper that fits over the back. Then there is the shield stand which doubles as a front protector when attached and a stand when not attached (to the rest of the case). The shield stand will allow the user to prop the iPad in landscape or portrait mode and features magnets which help to conserve battery power on the iPad when not in use. Otherwise, the OtterBox case brings a few other goodies that you would expect. For example, the case is easy to put on, and also to take off. The case also offers protection for the ports.

Simply put, this case offers solid protection for an iPad. And while I would normally be a bit afraid to drop a gadget on purpose, in this case I can say that the case works. I dropped my iPad from waist height onto a hard tile floor — and it survived with no marks, scratches or most important — cracks in the display. Granted, that is not to say I am going to treat my iPad with any less care, but it is to say I have quite a bit less to worry about when my iPad is protected in the OtterBox iProtection case.

The bottom line

Now for the answer to the big question; Is this something that I would recommend? Or perhaps more to the point; Is this something that I would spend my own money on. In short, yes for both. The case is on the pricey side at just shy of $90, however if you are looking for protection — this offers that. Plus, the case looks good and is available in a variety of colors. We had the black case in for review, however there is also black with yellow trim and black with blue trim as well as grey with pink trim, grey with white trim and grey with an aqua green trim.

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