For $99 Microsoft will de-crapify your PC

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What is the most frustrating part of buying a new brand-name Windows PC? Is it starting it for the first time, expecting a super-quick machine, only to encounter and extremely slow bootup and sluggish performance due to pre-installed software? Or is it perhaps the fact that you might need to spend a couple of hours, if you’re computer savvy, to uninstall all the unnecessary programs that come pre-installed? Microsoft to the rescue! The Redmond giant now offers a $99 service at any of their 16 stores where you bring in your Windows 7 PC and they get rid of all the bloatware that OEMs preinstall, along with 90 days of phone support and access to the Answer Desk, Microsoft’s response to Apple’s Genius Bar.

Microsoft has been offering “Signature edition” computers for a while now, PCs without all the crap-ware, for a premium, but now they’ve expanded the “Signature” offering to any computer running Windows 7. So now consumers have the option of buying a low-end, crap-ware subsized computer, then spend an additional $99 to de-crapify it, or perhaps go with a premium brand, such as Alienware or Apple and pay a bit more upfront but they’ll be sure that they get the computer they paid for right out of the box.

Via [ZDNet]

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