Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III goes up for pre-order from Amazon

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Just a quick note to inform everyone in the US who are raring to get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S III, Amazon has just put the smartphone on pre-order status. Said Samsung Galaxy S III is the international, unlocked version and so it is inevitable that it will be sold for a higher price. Are you ready to depart with your $799? If so go ahead and follow the via link below which should direct you to the Amazon page for the white and blue models of the Samsung Galaxy S III. You’ll be better off to know as well that being an unlocked version, this device will work with AT&T but not with Verizon or Sprint since it is not a CDMA phone. The good news however is that you’ll be able to get 4G HSDPA+ but not LTE since the models available are not the LTE-capable units. So this news goes out to all AT&T subscribers or those who are planning to get a phone that will run on AT&T network. Amazon is promising to deliver the blue Samsung Galaxy S III on May 29 while the white one will be available on June 1. The question now is, are you willing to spend $799 for the unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, or are you going to wait for other US carriers to offer on contract?

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