Sprint tethering plans have been changed, now include 2GB for $20 or 6GB for $50

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Up until very recently Sprint was offering one option for mobile hotspot tethering, a 5GB plan that was $29.99 per month. And well, as of now Sprint is offering two options. The first is a smaller plan, this one includes 2GB of data and is priced at $19.99. And for those wanting more, Sprint also has a 6GB plan available. This one will set you back $49.99 per month. Both of these plans include a combination of 3G/4G data and overages will be charged as follows;

“Additional on-network data usage above the monthly allowance is charged at $0.05/MB Monthly Off-network data usage limit is combination of Phone or Tablet and MHS usage.  For Tablets, the off-network data limit is driven by the tablet plan selected (either 100MB or 300MB) with a charge of $.25/MB for additional off-network usage.”

Finally, those Sprint customers who have the 5GB plan for $29.99 — Sprint noted that you will be able to keep that plan until you decide to cancel (or switch) your service.

Via [Sprint] and [AndroidPolice]

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