GadgeTell Review: Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex by Bracketron

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What is being reviewed?

Up for review today is the Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex by Bracketron. This car charger/mount features an adjustable device holder, a flexible neck, USB port for charging and plugs into the 12V port in your car. This car charger/mount is currently available from Bracketron and is selling for $34.95.

Disclaimer: The Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex car charger/mount was provided to GadgeTell by Bracketron for the purpose of this review.

My thoughts

Some of the finer points for this particular car mount include the following; the mount works with the 12V port in your car, the device holder is universal and easily adjustable, the flexible neck is sturdy feeling yet easy to move around, the USB port is high output meaning 5V, 1.5A, it will work with any USB cable you already have for your device (such as the iPhone USB to dock connector cable), it ships with a micro USB to USB cable and according to the product description — the mount is made from a durable, molded high impact plastic construction with soft touch finish.

My immediate concern when checking out this mount/charger is the location of the 12V jack in my car. While fairly accesible, it does have an overhang above it and therefor requires a rather flexible neck. The other issue that I tend to find with these types of setups, they wiggle around and lose their position. Granted this touches on my OCD a bit, but once I find a spot that I like, I want it to stay there. Needless to say, despite how flexible and easy to adjust the neck is — the mount stayed as I adjusted it. That is not to say it does not wiggle at all, but it has not fallen over at all. For that I am happy.

I have been using this car mount/charger for a few weeks now and I have to say that I am impressed. Not only did it manage to fit in the tight space that my car requires but it was able to hold that position. It is also simple as could be to insert and remove your phone without messing up the position. The portion that holds your smartphone is easily adjustable and should fit a wide variety of devices with ease.

The bottom line

I would say this, if you regularly use your phone in your car (such as for music or navigation) this is a good option to consider. The mount/charger sells for $34.95 which may not be the cheapest around, however it is far from the most expensive around. Simply put, a purchase would be a well spent $35 and one that I would recommend.

Product [Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex by Bracketron]

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