Samsung looks to be adding an S Pen slot on the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet

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Samsung had been showing off the 10.1 inch Galaxy Note during Mobile World Congress and during that time they were pushing the S Pen stylus support. Except the catch here, while the original phablet sized Galaxy Note has a nice little slot where you can tuck your S Pen in for safe keeping, the larger Galaxy Note 10.1 had no such slot. At the time Samsung was pushing a pen holder case that you could buy as a separate accessory and carry around, which probably sounded pretty bad — even for those who are into the stylus. Thankfully though, it looks like Samsung has found a way to add an S Pen slot on the Galaxy Note 10.1. Well, it looks like they have based on these new images anyway. The images come by way of the German language Tablet Community site and show a nice looking Galaxy Note 10.1 — complete with a slot to keep your S Pen. Now the question comes, will people actually remove and use the pen or will it end up sitting in said slot?

Via [Android Police] and [Tablet Community]

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