Amazon Wireless is now selling the Nokia Lumia 900 for as low allow as $9.99

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We have seen some good deals on the AT&T compatible Lumia 900 up until this point and it looks like Amazon Wireless currently has another available. This latest offer has the handset priced as low as $9.99. That price is for current customers that are eligible for an upgrade. New customers (and those looking to add another line to an existing family account) will have to pay a bit more, a still inexpensive $39.99. And of course, all of those offers assume a two-year service agreement with AT&T. Regardless though, both of these prices are much nicer as compared tot he $99.99 that you would pay direct with AT&T. Finally, those ordering the handset through Amazon Wireless can also expect to get free two-day shipping.

Via [AmazonWireless] and [TechnoBuffalo]

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