Amazon rolls out “Never Before on DVD” store

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Amazon has just launched their Never Before on DVD, a new online video store which will feature films and television series which are making their way to the DVD format for the first time. Accessible via Amazon’s “Movies and TV” homepage, the Never Before on DVD store expands Amazon’s current selection of titles and enables Amazon to add more classics coming from the vault of Disney, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Warner Bros., Home Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox. According to Amazon, the store will enable you to easily browse and locate more than 2,000 titles never before seen on DVD as well as current content from the mentioned studios and networks such as CBS, Lionsgate, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Universal Studios Home Entertainment. In addition, most if not all of the titles that will be featured in the Never Before on DVD store will also be made available through Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant Video.

Via [Business Wire] and [Amazon]

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