Samsung Galaxy S III UK release delay confirmed by Clove

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It looks like the Galaxy S III launch is going to be delayed for those in the UK. The details have come by way of a recent status update from the folks at Clove. And well, the handset seems to have been delayed, however depending on the color you have been waiting for — the delay may, or may not be all that bad. Clove notes that the Marble White Galaxy S III will begin shipping on June 1st (as opposed to May 30th). In terms of the Pebble Blue model, this is the more disappointing of the two colors. This one is now expected to arrive in inventory during the week of June 5th, however Clove also made it clear that this “is still to be confirmed.” Bottom line, the white Galaxy S III is going to be delayed a day and the blue model appears like it will end up being delayed about a week. We have yet to hear of Galaxy S III delays from any other retailers. But on that note, Clove has always been a fairly reliable source of information in the past so we see no reason to not believe their timelines.

Via [Clove]

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