Flipboard beta for Android is close to being released, for devices other than the Galaxy S III

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Flipboard for Android has officially been announced, and to some degree is already available. Of course, technically speaking the app has only been made available for those sporting a Galaxy S III handset. But on that note, thanks to an enterprising individual, the APK file was extracted and made available for anyone willing to sideload the app. Taking that aside though, we are looking forward to the time when any interested Android user will be able to fire up Google Play and download the app directly. Sadly we suspect that may still be some time away, however in a little bit of good news, it looks like the folks behind the Flipboard app are very close to releasing a beta version.

The details are coming by way of Engadget, who are reporting that “the company’s eerily close to having a build ready for the rest of the Android smartphone universe.” On that note, the build is going to be a beta and still only available for those with knowledge of how to sideload. The bright side of this, it should make for a better app in the long run. After all, talk of fragmentation aside, it is hard to deny that there are lots of Android smartphones with lots of display sizes. Not to mention, lots of builds of Android. And those things can make for some not so perfect looking apps when not done properly.

Bottom line, a beta release of Flipboard for Android should hopefully be coming soon.

Via [Engadget]

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