Google+ Local unveiled, will bring goodies to include Zagat scores and recommendations from your Google+ friends

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It looks like Google has done some integration with Zagat. And as one would have likely guessed, that integration has arrived with both Google+ and Google Local. The end result here, Google+ Local, which simply put will allow users to see everything from Zagat scores to recommendations from people you follow in Google+.

Those looking to take advantage of this should look for the new Local tab on the left side navigation (when using Google+ in a regular desktop browser) or as part of Google Maps for mobile on an Android device. In terms of iOS, that support is coming and according to Google, will be available “soon.”

Otherwise, further details note that each Google+ Local listing will now have the Zagat score, which for those not familiar, it is a 30-point scale. The example that Google gives here;

“For example, a restaurant that has great food but not great decor might be 4 stars, but with Zagat you’d see a 26 in Food and an 8 in Decor, and know that it might not be the best place for date night.”

Aside from the Zagat scores, the other goodies will come from those you are following in Google+, which should lend to some credibility in terms of any reviews that you may be reading. Finally, these listings will also allow you to share images as well as your own opinions.

Via [Official Google Blog]

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