Evernote releases Hello app for Android

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Released six months ago for iOS, Evernote has now made the Hello app available in Google Play. Evernote Hello for Android is a social networking, aka a social contact builder type of app. It’s main purpose according to Evernote is to help you remember all the people you meet and the experiences you share. The app sort of mimics the way a human brain works. So much so that when you meet someone, as a human you start building connections – you tie names and faces to time, location and context. How you remember the people you meet and the experiences you shared with them however remains to be by way of alphabetically arranged address books.

Well, you can kiss the old ways goodbye – thanks to Evernote Hello. So, if you have the app installed on your Android phone, and you meet someone, the app will help you gets the usual stuff about your new acquiantance. Aside from those, you can also add face, chronology, location, notes and everything information that will help you remember that someone and how the two of you met. Later on, you can just fire up the app and remember the person you’ve met. Pretty cool? Actually it is. The also gives you a homescreen with a mosaic of faces of people you’ve met and added to Evernote Hello. You can then tap on any of the faces to view their profile and history of encounters. The faces on the mosaic are arranged chronologically. The app even allows you to take new photos of people you’ve met before and then the app will add them automatically to their profiles as recorded on the app.

Other features of Evernote Hello include – LinkedIn integration of your profile, checking of calendar for upcoming events, filtering of names and emails of people that you see all the time, and sending out of emails containing your contact information and photo to people you’ve just met.

Evernote Hello is available now as a free download from Google Play.

Via [Evernote]

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