HotSpot Shield Android app protects your device when on public hotspots

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With so much malware threatening Android owners, especially those who use public Wi-Fi hotspots to gain Internet access for their phones, a safety measure becomes a must. AnchorFree, known for their Hotspot Shield desktop app has just made the same app available on Google Play. Available in both free and paid versions this, Android app ensures that you’re device is safe whenever its connected to a public hotspot. The app provides you with VPN browsing, Wi-Fi and 3G encryption, and of course protection against malware threats, phishing, and spam. And that’s just for the free version of the app. The paid or elite versions give you expanded malware protection, and broadband data compression which is if you have monthly data allocation. The paid version requires you to pay $1.99/monthly.

Via [Google Play]

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