Slacker Radio now available for Windows 8, the Release Preview edition

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Yesterday afternoon we saw the release of Slacker Radio for Roku set-top boxes and coming this morning, Slacker Radio for Windows 8 Release Preview. According to details coming from the folks at Slacker, this application has been created specifically for Windows 8 and will fully utilize the features of the Windows Metro user interface. Of course, user interface aside, this means Windows 8 users are now able to enjoy the full benefits of Slacker Radio including more than 150 expert-programmed music stations, artist-hosted showcase stations and leading music festival stations. Slacker Radio also offers goodies such as the ability to create custom stations based on the users favorite bands and artists. Finally, for those curious, Slacker Radio has three available listening levels — Basic Radio, Radio Plus and Premium Radio. The basic edition is free and the latter two come with a monthly subscription, $3.99 and $9.99 per month respectively. The perks of Radio Plus include being an ad-free experience and the Premium Radio level brings in on-demand listening and caching on mobile devices.

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