Deal alert: Unlocked Galaxy Nexus goes for $369 on eBay

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If you don’t fancy owning the new Samsung Galaxy S3, you might want to consider getting the older Galaxy Nexus instead. Said smartphone is still selling for $400 from the Google Store but who says you have to pay that much to own this device? Lucky you, we learned that the Galaxy Nexus is available for sale on eBay at a more affordable price of $370. What’s more, said device is the unlocked version so you can pop in a SIM card from any network. Although the model of the Galaxy Nexus on sale is only the 16GB version, this is still a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, these kinds of deals doesn’t really last long in an online store as popular as eBay so you better hurry up and grab one now before its too late.  If you want to add a warranty to the device, you need to pay additional $63. The good news is that shipping is free of charge and you can have your Galaxy Nexus as soon as June 6. Are you biting the deal to own the Galaxy Nexus? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment after this post.

Via [eBay] and [Phandroid]

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