iCache offers up the Geode, a digital wallet for iPhone

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Mobile payments solution company, iCache today announced the availability of its new product called iCache Geode. And yes, it’s a digital wallet that works with or should I say works in your iPhone. According to iCache, the Geode happens to be the world’s first secure digital wallet that has ever come to iPhone. Scheduled to be launched on June 2, the device is also certified as “Made for iPhone” by Apple itself.  

Explaining iCache Geode some more, it consolidates all your debit, credit and loyalty cards into one simple and secure system via a unique biometric technology that ensures safety and security for your financial cards. This means that only you can access the Geode app on your iPhone and its content. This is made possible through unique fingerprint. The Geode works with shops where you normally shop and transactions are done through mere touch of buttons. In other words, it eliminates the hassles of paying up for your transactions on cash counters. The card also uses e-ink screen so that scanning terminals in shops will be able to read barcodes from your iPhone.

Best of all – Geode also serves as an iPhone case, even giving you various color combinations such as black/yellow, green/white, pink/white or purple/white.  The Geode retails for $199.

Via [iCache]

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