Samsung has now sold 7 million Galaxy Notes, and 50 millions Galaxy S and S II phones

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Just when Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S III, its latest flagship smartphone hailed by many as one of the best Android phones released so far and yet here comes Sammy again announcing some remarkable achievements of its previous flagship products. So, let it be known that according to Samsung, they have already sold 7 million Galaxy Notes. Sales figures for the Notes increased by two million units after two months ago’s sales stats.

Likewise, Samsung also said that it has already sold more than 50 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II. Breaking them down will give you 24 million units sold of the Galaxy S and 28 million units of the Galaxy S II.  If those are not remarkable for you, I don’t know what is. Adding more spice to those sales figures is the fact that they were achieved amidst threat from other manufacturers of high-end Android smartphones such as Sony and HTC.

Now, as the Samsung Galaxy S III continues to become available worldwide and soon in the US, it will be interesting to know if the Galaxy S III will beat the sales of the older devices. As of now, there are already 9 million pre-orders for the device.

Via [The Verge]

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