Sony VAIO Z series notebooks are now sporting Ivy Bridge processors

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In amongst a long list of VAIO related announcements this morning, Sony has updated the VAIO Z series notebooks. The big change here, the VAIO Z series will now be powered by third-generation Intel quad-core processors — Ivy Bridge. Of course, the catch with that, the base model VAIO Z series notebooks will still be shipping with a dual-core processor. But on that note, the starting price of the VAIO Z series notebooks has dropped a bit with this latest refresh, going from around $2,000 down to $1,600. Other goodies that one can expect with the VAIO Z series notebooks include SSD RAID drives, a weight of around 2.6 pounds (which comes due to an available carbon fiber casing) and a full HD (1920 x 1080) display. Sony also has a Power Media Dock available for the VAIO Z series which is said to “further expand the capabilities” of the notebook and provide “unparalleled convenience for the business user in need of additional ports or external displays.” Lastly, the VAIO Z series notebooks will be available in several colors to include Black, Carbon Fiber Gold, Carbon Fiber Black and Premium Carbon fiber Black.

Via [Yahoo! News]

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