Lenovo U310 and U410 Ultrabooks go up for sale, pricing begins at $749

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Lenovo has announced the worldwide availability of its two latest ultrabooks – the Lenovo U310 and Lenovo U410. If you’ve been waiting for these two portable machines since they were announced during CES, well here it is. Check out your nearest computer dealer to see if they already have them on sale. But be prepared to dish out some precious dough since the these two machines won’t be coming too cheap. To give you an idea, the Lenovo U310 base model with its 13.3-inch screen display will be selling with a starting price of $749 while the base model for the 14-inch U410 ultrabook will be going for $799.  If you don’t mind spending that, well, then take your pick. Is it going to be the ultrabook U410 measuring only 18mm thick with a 1TB HDD and nine hours of battery life or the U310 measuring 21mm thick with a 500GB HDD and up to seven hours of battery life? Either way you’ll have 3rd generation Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 for processor and NVIDIA GeForce for graphics. The Lenovo Ultrabook U310 and U410 are available for sale worldwide starting today.

Via [Lenovo] and [Engadget]

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