When Asus becomes Assus

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Asus made a bit of an ass of themselves earlier today. This happened on Twitter, the official Asus account, @ASUS where they offered the following;

“The rear looks pretty nice. So does the new Transformer AIO. #Computex2012”

The above link and tweet have since been deleted however you can see the image at the top of this post. Finally, for those concerned, yes we are appalled by this, and for what it is worth — Asus did offer a follow-up tweet with an apology.

“We apologise for the inappropriate comment on Twitter earlier. We will take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

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  • Joh


  • Thom

    Appalled? Really? Real men don’t even use that word. Were you hopping mad too? Did you tell the gentleman to “Put up his dukes.” or Slap him in the face with your white glove and have a duel? Go away with your pretend correctness. Ugh!

    • websnap

      Dude, don’t be mad because people have a more expansive vocabulary that you do, and are also pissed that people are treated like objects that way.

      -written by a real man

  • John

    Seriously. You don’t put a women in a dress like that, that looks like that, and then pretend she’s not there. So if they can’t make comments like that then they should also not put women like that in the booths! Shut up people and get serious. Go complain about something else that really matters!

    • websnap

      You are right, a huge electronics conglomerate objectifying a woman doesn’t matter. That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. Also, your second and third sentence makes it sound like “they dressed that way, they asked for it”. That is stupid and dangerous. Women aren’t objects, it doesn’t matter what they wear. That is serious.

      • foljs

        “””You are right, a huge electronics conglomerate objectifying a woman doesn’t matter.”””

        No, it does not. She has a nice ass. There I said it. So what?

        What does “objectifying” even mean in this context? She might have other traits too — but the sexual attraction thing is a deep rooted rooted human instinct. You are not “more civilised” if you pretend not to care about it: just hypocritical.

        In the US, this talk of objectification, political correctness, etc, is the way the American left has found to be as prudish and backwards as the American right.

        Once a puritan, always a puritan, the ancestry from the religious-nuts European exiles stills goes strong, in both sides of the political divide.

        “””That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day”””

        Then you must live in a very isolated area.

        • websnap

          “What does “objectifying” even mean in this context?”

          Very simple, she wasn’t a she – she was a “rear”. It’s right in the dictionary:

          “• degrade to the status of a mere object: a deeply sexist attitude that objectifies women.”

          I know how “manly” it is to be unapologetic for thinking women are sexy, you can obviously think it all you want – but when you verbally (on or off the internet) break someone down to parts you are objectifying women. There is no defending that behaviour. Every single woman who saw this asked to be reminded who the company was and made a point of mentioning that they need to remember who it was for their next purchase and not in a positive way. THAT tells you how women fell about it. How you feel about it doesn’t even factor in the equation. You aren’t the type of person they broke down in to part.

          I am not a puritan, actually… I’m euro-latino with a very health and liberated view on sex and women. I ask them what they are into, I don’t treat them like toys or furniture. Call me (erroneously) puritan all you like, you’re the one with an old school view of women. Treat them like women like the deserve and they’ll treat you like a man. Until then, you’re a guy ogling a girl on the internet.

  • brutony

    The appalled dude should have asked that rapscallion if he had any seconds. Then he would have said, “Yeah, I have seconds, I’ll give you two seconds to GET OUT!”

  • mscientist

    Oh yes, how terribly appalling. Making a comment about a shapely woman. The next thing you know, there’ll be dancing.

    • brutony

      Even if this was not a law, which it is, I’m afraid I would have a lot of difficulty endorsing an enterprise which is as fraught with genuine peril as I believe this one to be. Besides the liquor and the drugs which always seem to accompany such an event the thing that distresses me even more, Ren, is the spiritual corruption that can be involved. These dances and this kind of music can be destructive, and, uh, Ren, I’m afraid you’re going to find most of the people in our community are gonna agree with me on this

  • Vinnie Vegas

    Folks can find this distasteful, I suppose. But there’s nothing appalling about it. Anyone appaled by this is just too delicate.

    • Matthew Marchesano

      You know something, Vinnie? I agree with you.

      This story continues to garner web traffic to a pretty sizable extent and as you can tell, it’s a rather quick, silly article — hardly that newsworthy or interesting. Those readers that add their two cents and take offense to this stuff must (presumably) regularly steer clear of sexually suggestive billboards, TV ads, mainstream TV, movies, album covers, promotional events, etc. etc.. which seems to be somewhat debilitating to one’s perspective in today’s world.

      Different strokes, I suppose. Thanks for the comment and keep in touch, Mr. Vegas.

  • David

    Who exactly was “appalled” by this? Rob Nelson? Good God… get a life. For the record, my CAPTCHA Code for this post is BDSM, and I am appalled by this! I want an apology too!

    • Matthew Marchesano

      Thanks David. Lookin’ forward to hearing from you again. Alright now, take care. Bye-bye.

  • brutony

    Im appalled theres not more asses!

  • BC2009

    Appalled? Really?

    Then why do the articles linked to below this article have pictures of very scantily clad women and titles like:

    – Porn is the key to 3D HDTV expansion

    – Controversial Seduce Me game hits the internet

    – Intimacy 2.0, a Smart Dress that Turns Clear When You’re Aroused

    Sex sells. Shame on Asus for knowing the same things you guys do. There would not be pictures of nearly naked women associated with those articles if not. Even if so, the articles without the seductive titles are also showing pictures of sexy women.

    But you are appalled…. uh huh…. right.

    • BC2009

      And when I refreshed after posting my comment, I saw a new link:

      “Porn stars create topless game review portal, Pwned By Girls”

  • Alex

    So making the comment about a woman’s figure is apalling, but hiring booth babes is perfectly acceptable. I understand.

    When did the entire personal electronics industry become about hiring women who look better than the devices being sold?

  • Mfoster

    Taiwan is a very sexist country, full stop. It’s embarrassing how women are used to sell electronic products to nerds.

    Check out the some of the news channels, they often have dancing girl performances during intervals.

    Even funerals sometimes have have dancing girls.

  • Robert.Walter

    Actually, I like me a bit if sex-appeal marketing… HP could use a little of that Asses backside sparkle!

  • Garu

    Hubba hubba, nice ass!

  • Thomas Bodetti

    Well, Ok, I do understand but you know what while I dont really know what they are trying to sell here, I like it, I want to buy it, and the guy that probably is now fired, well yes, I understand that too, but the thing here is that in six months one of those things will be just about worthless, the other one will still be just as beautiful as it was when the picture was taken.

  • Jeffrey

    jackie treehorn treats objects like women maaaan

  • yosim

    she was paid to be an object and so she was treated like one,gee what a surprise and she has a nice booty !!!

  • dorty

    My favorite part of all of this… the fact that we all assume he was speaking of her ass… it could be down to her beautiful shoulders or something… I can see both sides of the argument, and don’t even know why I am taking the time to type this comment, but this type of humor has always been used and by EVERYONE in the free-world… America’s Funniest Home Videos as just one example and that is one of the most wholesome shows on TV, well… set aside every dude getting hit or kicked in the nuts by something which everyone seems to either cringe or laugh at… Lighten up… even women in mattress commercials are wearing sleek night gowns and men are showing bare ass on cable TV. On a heavy news day, this would not even rank… gotta love slow news days :)

  • http://111.111.111 1

    she’s a good looking woman from the back and that bothers people? i bet if a girl had said something about one of the camera men having a nice butt no one would’ve given a damn.

  • http://111.111.111 1

    maybe writer was writing about the rear of the machine because that’s all we see of it in the picture. maybe it even was a joke about not being able to see the front.

  • Chuckus

    Who cares? (I guess I do since I’m writing this).
    We live in a society where the truth is just under the surface and when it leaks out, even in an innocuous comedic way, people are all ready to be offended. This is reality. Heterosexual men glance, stare, dare I say oogle women’s asses. It happens. In fact it’s part of our instinctual sexual nature.

    To the appalled:
    “To damn bad if at the end of the day the only thoughts on your brain are all the things they say”. -Rollins

  • http://lightenup!!!

    Cant say nothing anymore, yet in your article, you referenced “making an ass”. Thats what lol means, lighten up people!!!