Verizon’s current Double Data promotion will be ending on June 5th

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Verizon customers got some good news yesterday, well, those that were hoping to see the Galaxy S III anyway. And well, while that bit was good to hear, that excitement may be dampened just a little with this latest bit. According to details coming from the folks at Droid-Life, the current Double Data promotion from Verizon is going to be ending on June 5th which for those who remember the Galaxy S III pre-order date — that will come one day after. Simply put, it does not look like those who are pre-ordering the Galaxy S III will be getting in on the double data deal. Of course, we suspect that lots of you who will be pre-ordering the handset will be current Verizon customers which means you will end up keeping your current plan regardless.

Via [Droid-Life]

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