Cookoo smartwatch becomes the latest to meet their Kickstarter funding goal

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The Cookoo smartwatch may still have 31 days remaining on Kickstarter, however they have already managed to meet their funding goal. The initial goal was $150,000 and the total raised to date is now sitting at $163,699. That comes from 1,685 backers.

Given the Kickstarter is still open for this one, those interested can still choose to pledge. The current pledge starts at $1 (or more) however those looking to pledge and get a reward will have to shell out at least $80. That level gives you a black first edition Cookoo watch.

And for those not as familiar with the Cookoo smartwatch, this one works with iOS and Android and is being billed as the “first real watch that connects with your smartphone, keeps you posted, and does not need to be recharged.” The Cookoo uses a regular watch battery, connects over Bluetooth 4.0 and offers an alert when your phone is connected, when you have an alarm or reminder, when you receive a chat or text message, when you receive an email, when you get a call and even when your phone needs a charge.

Finally, while the Cookoo smartwatch has been available in a special Kickstarter green on black, black on black, brushed stainless on black, white on black, blue on black — the meeting of the funding goal has introduced a new color. That color is pink and those looking to get this watch will need to pledge a minimum of $95.

Via [Kickstarter] and [SlashGear]

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