And the LinkedIn password reset email goes out, lets users know the accounts have been disabled

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If you happen to have been anywhere in the blogosphere today you have likely heard about LinkedIn. Yup, the password story. And well, while we have seen some confirmation come direct from the folks at LinkedIn, it seems that they have recently begun sending out the more important email — the one titled “Reset your LinkedIn password.” Said email has recently begun arriving in the inboxes of LinkedIn account holders and offers the following;

“In order to ensure that you continue to have the best experience using LinkedIn, we are constantly monitoring our site to make sure your account information is safe.”

Further details reveal that LinkedIn has been disabling these accounts in an effort to prevent any wrong doing on the parts of others. You know, just in case your account happens to have been one that was compromised. With that, LinkedIn users can surf on over to the LinkedIn website, click the sign-in button and then hit the “forgot password” button to get things straight. And by straight, we mean back to an account that was not (potentially) compromised.

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