Evernote Food launches for Android

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Evernote Food came available for iOS devices back in December of last year, and well, as of today those sporting an Android device have the app available. Yup, Evernote Food has officially launched for Android. The app, as one would expect, is available by way of Google Play. The Evernote Food app has launched as version 1.0, requires Android 2.2 or later for use and similar to the other Evernote apps — is both free to download and free to use. Those bits aside, lets get into what Evernote Food is and some of what it can do.

“Evernote Food lets you capture, share and relive your memorable meals. Whether you’re eating at home, at a restaurant, or embarking on a culinary adventure, use Evernote Food to remember all of your delicious experiences.”

Some of the use cases include being able to record the meals that you are eating as well as document the step-by-step process that comes with preparing meals. You can also use Evernote Food to keep track of product labels and interesting ingredients. Another suggested use case is the ability to track your food intake for fitness and dieting reasons.

And similar to other Evernote apps, the Food app also allows you to add captions, titles and tags on your images (and notes) which should make things that much easier for those times when you need to find a meal with a specific ingredient or even that favorite meal that is on the tip of your tongue but you cannot think of at the moment. Finally, the Evernote Food app also has Foursquare integration which will be nice when you are documenting any meals on the go.

Via [Evernote Blog] and [Google Play]

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