Facebook launches its own App Center, integrates mobile and web apps

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Facebook just launched its latest big project, the Facebook App Center. Simply put, the App Center aims to make it easier for us to find apps that we can play on our mobile phones and devices or on the web. While most of the apps available right now are social apps which use Facebook’s social graph, Facebook promises to bring more apps in the coming days. Some top mobile apps which you can grab from the Facebook App Center right now include Draw Something, Pinterest, Nike+ GPS, Jetpack Joyride and more.

What’s interesting here is why Facebook came up with an App Center of its own. As if we have a lack of app stores available for our devices, be it Android, iOS, Windows, and others. But perhaps what makes Facebook’s App Center different is the fact that it integrates the listing of both web and mobile apps. Hence, it is clear that Facebook wants its App Center to be your one-stop shop for finding the best apps.

The Facebook App Center is gradually being rolled to US users right now. Once it becomes available for you, you will be able to access it from the web or inside the Facebook mobile apps for Android and iOS. The App Center is a well-organized curation of web and mobile apps which also give you personalized recommendations. And take note, Facebook says that only high-quality apps will be included in the App Center. What’s lacking here is what Facebook’s criteria of a high-quality game.

Another nice feature of the Facebook App Center is the ability to send apps that you want to install on your device. However it does not send the app directly to your iOS or Android devices but sends you to either Google Play or iTunes App Store if you need to download something. Google Play is still better when it comes to this feature.

That’s it. If you think you need an integrated app store for both your mobile and web-based app needs, then check out the Facebook App Store.

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