MINIMETEO, an iPad weather app with a colorful, yet minimalist design

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A short while back we mentioned a yet-to-be-released weather app for the iPhone that was done with a colorful and minimalist style. That app was called Brisk and while it has yet to come available, it looks like another (similar) app has. Though, we should clarify, this one is for the iPad.

This app is called MINIMETEO and is described as being a “native iPad weather application that visualizes climate conditions through a minimal user interface working with a combinations of colors and icons.” And after a quick look at the included screenshots, we sort of have to agree.

MINIMETEO is priced at $1.99 and compatible with the iPad running iOS 4.0 or later. At the present time, the app is sitting at version 1.1. In terms of features, the app does what one would expect, need and/or hope — it gives the weather. You can choose to set the display for Fahrenheit or Celsius and will get the current temperature, the upcoming temperatures and the weather details — such as rain, clouds or storms.

Additionally, the app has options to set your current location as well as for favorite places. All said and done, the MINIMETEO appears to be a nice (and somewhat unique) take on getting the weather using your iPad. Whether or not that means it is worthy of the $1.99 purchase price is something that is left for you to decide.

Via [iOS App Store] and [TNW]

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