GadgeTell Hands-On: Acme Made Fillmore Hard Case and Noe Soft Pouch

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The products

Today I am spending some time with the Fillmore Hard Case and Noe Soft Pouch, both from Acme Made. These little goodies are pouches made for your gadgets. The Fillmore is a hard case and the Noe is a soft case — both open and close with a zipper, have a back pocket and lanyard. Continue reading to get some additional details and to find out whether or not these are worth the money.

Disclaimer: The Acme Made Fillmore Hard Case and Noe Soft Pouch were provided to GadgeTell for the purpose of this review.

The details

Both of these offer some common features such as a zippered pouch along with a small accessory pocket on the back and a d-ring with lanyard. The Noe Soft Pouch, as the name would imply — is a soft exterior with a brushed lining on the inside. The Fillmore Hard Case brings an EVA front panel for a bit more protection and also has the soft inner lining. The Noe sells for $9.99 and the Fillmore for $12.99. Both are available in a variety of colors.

Some thoughts

These cases/pouches are one of those items that you may not even realize you need (or would use) until you happen to have one show up. I will admit that I fell into that category. When they first appeared in the GadgeTell offices I thought they were a bit silly and had no real desire to use them. Now, having had them around for a few weeks, well, lets just say that they are getting tons of use.

That point should be nice for those who may fall into the same category a I did. More to the point here, the tons of use part is showing good things. You see, while I have been using these, some may say that I have also been abusing these. My iPhone has been packed in for everything from fishing, to camping and even running. And the part that should make anyone considering a purchase happy — they seem to have held up rather nicely. Albeit, a bit dirty and grimy given my use cases, bit not damaged in any way.

As for some perks aside from durability, the prices seem more than fair and they are available in a variety of colors. In fact, the only point that I will bring up — the size. The internal dimensions of the Fillmore measure in at 2.5 x 4.6 x .78 inches and the internal dimensions for the Noe measure in at 2.67 x 4.72 x .78 inches. Those stated, lets just say this — my iPhone 4S and older generation iPod touch fit very nicely. But if your phone (or other gadget) is much larger than an iPhone you may be out of luck.

Bottom line, these have found a home with me. And for those curious, for reasons unknown to me, I prefer the Noe Soft Pouch over the Fillmore Hard Case.

Product [Fillmore Hard Case] and [Noe Soft Pouch]

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