Chameleon, the home screen for Android tablets, Kickstarter project cancelled

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If you were already a backer of the Chameleon Kickstarter project you may already be aware, however for those who were waiting and hoping to hop on towards the end — you missed your opportunity. Well, truth be told, everyone missed the opportunity because the Chameleon Kickstarter project has officially been cancelled.

The project had reached the goal amount. In fact, they had $50,334 of the requested $50,000 in funding already pledged. And for those curious, that came from 5,132 backers. While those details may have been interesting enough, it looks like it will be re-born. Details posted on the project home page state that the cancellation was due to issues with an Amazon Payments account.

“While this campaign has been very successful due to everyone’s support, due to unforseen problems with our Amazon Payments account we cannot accept any new pledges and all existing pledges will be cancelled.

We have spoken with Kickstarter, who have told us the best way to resolve the situation is to close the current project, and create a new Chameleon backing page, where you can re-pledge to receive your Chameleon App. We are grateful for all your support and have upgraded all rewards $5 and above with 5 Bonus Chameleon backgrounds.

People who have existing credit card authorizations from this project will be cancelled when this project is closed – and thus no charges will be applied to your credit card. We appreciate your patience, we are very excited to deliver world class software to everyone!”

Finally, those still excited about Chameleon will be able to re-pledge their support sometime “early next week.” And given this was originally posted over the weekend, we suspect we should hear some details about a new campaign sooner rather than later.

Via [Kickstarter]

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