And in other Apple News, new Smart Case now also covers the iPad’s back

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Aside from the huge announcement about iOS 6, Apple has also quietly released some new accessories. You can find these accessories now available from the online Apple Store and one of these happens to be the new iPad Smart Case. In case you forgot about this case already, it’s that magnetized piece of covering that protects the iPad’s front. Now, the new iPad Smart Case not only covers the front but the back as well. Aside from the back cover, the Smart Case is pretty much the same Smart Case that you may or may have not purchased for your iPad 2 before. The Smart Case still retains the thin and light design of iPad and folds easily into a stand. The automatic sleep and wake feature when you open and close the Smart Case is still present. As for the materials, the new Smart Case is made from polyurethan hardshell. It is available in six bright colors and retails for mere $50. Apple is also accepting personalized laser engraving on the new iPad Smart Case.

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